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There could be some instances wherein non-car owners might need a vehicle temporarily for a week’s time period. In such situations, drivers may be required to purchase short term car covers. Thankfully, these days it is possible to find companies that offer weekly car insurance cheap policies. The coverage is comprehensive and financial protection is guaranteed. If you are looking for cheap one week car insurance cover, we are in a position to help.

Determine Your Need to Purchase Weekly Car Insurance Online

You can think of buying car insurance for 1 week only if you need to borrow or get a vehicle on lease because of any one of the below mentioned reasons.

  • You want to shift your belongings to a new place of residence.
  • Your car is under urgent repair and so you need another vehicle.
  • You want to borrow car from a friend to enjoy a week’s vacation.
  • You are going out of town for some work and will need a vehicle.
  • You are taking care of a car owned by your relative or friend for a week.
  • You intend to take part in a car rally with your classic car.
  • Reason of Car Insurance

    Regardless of whether driving a car for short or long duration, law in the U.S. requires drivers to have valid insurance coverage when on road.

  • The Step It Ought To Be

    Standard as well as non-standard companies provide weekly auto insurance coverage. But to identify the right company, you should shop and compare several free quotes.

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Features that Covered Under One Week Auto Insurance

One week auto insurance policies could have multiple features. It depends on the type and extent of coverage you want. Liability coverage, comprehensive coverage, collision coverage, uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage, medical expenses, etc. could be available as optional features.

Is Car Insurance Weekly Cover Right For Me?

Most of the companies offer cheap 1 week car insurance cover to licensed drivers in the age group 19 to 65. Besides, you don’t need to have any existing auto insurance coverage for purchasing short term car policy of this kind.

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Costing of Car Insurance for 1 Week

The overall cost of week car insurance could depend on a number of factors that include the driver’s age, gender, past driving record, status of credit history, etc. But extensive shopping is for finding the cheapest proposal.

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Learn How to Get Low Cost Car Insurance for One Week Quickly


Gather All Essential Documents before Applying

Prior to considering applying for one week car insurance quotes online, it could be much better if you keep supporting documents ready so as to save time. Majority of the insurers will ask for some basic personal information, details of the car to be driven, credit report and driving history.


Apply For Free Weekly Car Insurance Quote Online

Faster online processes enable quicker responses and so, locating 1 week auto insurance providers is easier if you take advantage of the internet. In addition, you also have the chance to get guidance from national auto insurance services companies. This way you can make an informed decision on your purchase.


Contact Certified & Experienced Local Car Insurance Agents

During your effort to buy car insurance for a week with adequate coverage at an easily affordable premium, you can even contact some competent local agents. Such a move might enable you to make sure that you are getting the best insurance deal as well as in saving precious dollars.

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Know the Exact Uses of Auto Insurance for a Week

Buying a weekly auto insurance policy will make sense if you are required to drive borrowed or leased car for short distances for a 7 day time period. To that effect, test drivers, vacationers and those who are moving to new homes may find such short term policies worthwhile.

Can I Extend Car Insurance For One Week Only?

Yes, you can get the term of cheapest one week car insurance cover if you have purchased the policy recently and coverage has not lapsed. You can consult insurer and put forward a request in this regard. But you will be needed to pay extra money for getting your car coverage extended.

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