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Getting car insurance without a license can be an arduous task if you attempt to buy one on your own. However, if you get help, the overall rigors of the process might get considerably reduced.

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Car Insurance with No Driver License - When It need to Buy?

It is perfectly possible to buy auto insurance with no license at a premium which you can afford and sustain. Besides, you may be required to purchase no license car insurance in any of the below mentioned situations.

  • You have become too old and need a driver to drive your car for regular medical check-ups or shopping.
  • You have developed some kind of disability because of which you can’t drive your vehicle on a regular basis.
  • Your driver’s license has been revoked or suspended and so you need to get temporary car coverage.
  • Save Money on auto insurance with no license

    To save money on auto insurance without license, you can be a secondary driver with someone else as primary driver whose driving record is clean.

  • Locating the Right Type of Insurer

    Check premiums charged for multiple free no driver license car insurance quotes online. By comparing numerous proposals, you can identify the right insurer.


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cheap car insurance without driver's license

Car Insurance Without Driver License - What To Avoid

Premium rates for no license auto insurance policies can be extremely high if there is discontinuity in coverage. Therefore, to avoid gaps in car insurance, it could be vital for you to ensure that you don’t stay unlicensed for long.

Why Do Conventional Car Insurance Companies Require A Driver’s License?

Some insurance providers demand driver’s license for providing car insurance as it enables them to assess risks of granting coverage based on their past driving records. This helps them in calculating premiums as they know what to expect from drivers.

cheap car insurance with no license

cheap car insurance without license

Why You Need To Buy Cheap Car Insurance No License Required?

For driving cars legally on road, having valid auto insurance coverage is mandatory by law. Failure to comply with this basic legal provision can attract huge penalties. Hence, if you are still an unlicensed driver or your driver’s license is under suspension or revocation for whatever reasons, it is binding upon you to buy reasonable car insurance as per state’s law.

Situation Where You Need To Get Car Insurance without License


You need personal driver to drive your car

You may be the actual owner of a car but being an elderly person you need personal driver to take you to different places for whatsoever reasons. However, the personal driver’s valid license and his past driving record will play a crucial role in determining the overall affordability of car insurance no license needed coverage.


You want to apply & get valid driver’s license

You are out to get valid driver’s license and so, you need insurance coverage as is required by law for learning how to drive car legally on road. The DMV website may be the right place for getting information relating to companies which provide auto insurance without driver's license.


You intend to build an excellent driving record

You may think of buying cheap auto insurance no driver's license as it might be the first step for building an excellent driving record. Nevertheless, the premium charged for such coverage could be much higher than normal car insurance policies. But you need to compare several free proposals for finding the right insurer.

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Options for Buying Cheap Car Insurance without License

Here are some alternatives on full coverage car insurance no license required that you can choose from

  • Apply for SR-22 certification if license suspension is due to DUI/DWI conviction.
  • Buy short term or temporary car insurance from a non-standard insurer.
  • Get your name added as a secondary driver in someone else’s auto insurance policy.
  • If you are not a car owner then you can think of purchasing a non-owner’s short term coverage.

Getting No Driver License Car Insurance - Know this Facts

Some states allow drivers with DUI or DWI convictions to get comprehensive & collision car coverage if they prefer to avoid driving cars until their driving privileges are restored to protect cars against damage or theft. But filing of SR-22 certification could be legally required to restore limited driving rights along with “hardship license”. So, understand your options thoroughly well and secure unlicensed car insurance.

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