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Finding cheapest classic car insurance doesn’t have to be difficult anymore. Like any other category of vehicles, vintage or antique cars also need to be adequately insured even if you drive them occasionally. There is always a probability of theft of classic car or its meeting with an accident or getting damaged because of some natural disaster. To protect your finances from damages resulting from such unfortunate incidents, it is better to get your classic vehicle insured.

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Who Should Think Of Buying The Cheap Insurance For Classic Cars Online?

It’s hard to define classic cars but “The Classic Car Club of America” describes antique vehicles as the ones which were built almost seven decades back. However, from the insurance perspective, classic cars are defined as those whose existing market prices exceed their original selling prices. If your vintage vehicle falls in this category, you can qualify for buying an auto classic insurance coverage policy.

The following categories of old vehicles are likely to be tagged as classic cars.

  • Antique cars (age 25 years old)
  • Classic trucks
  • Hotrods & modified vehicles
  • Muscle cars
  • Old exotic & luxury cars
  • Vintage military vehicles

Besides, companies that offer car insurance classic cars have some basic requirements as mentioned below.

  • Occasional Use

    Classic cars are never primary vehicles and therefore, they are driven on limited occasions. To that effect, insurers may have some usage requirements.

  • Secure Storage

    Companies may also require drivers to park vintage cars in proper storage at home. Insurers may also want driver owners to be having good driving history.

Why Choose Us For Getting Car Insurance For Classic Car?

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You will have better chances of securing classic cars cheap insurance policy quote online if you drive your antique vehicle occasionally, may be for some exhibition, parade or club activity. With regards to replacement of car parts, you are entitled to receive specified amount of coverage as in policy document.

By purchasing cheap insurance classic cars online through us, our insurers will pay agreed value in the event the insured vehicle gets totalled in an accident. You must only ensure that the vehicle is in good condition while being insured.

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Our client support services can be accessed 24/7 and so, our staff can give you any information that is needed for filing claims. You can also get answers for any questions that you may have.

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