What Is Non Standard Auto Insurance?

Non standard auto insurance policies are specifically designed to cater to the driving needs and requirements of drivers who are considered risky propositions to insure by standard or conventional auto insurance companies. While the coverage levels remain essentially the same, the premiums charged for the covers will be substantially high.

When you are a “high risk” driver then approaching a non standard car insurance company for getting your vehicle insured could be one of your viable options. Standard insurers normally prefer working with drivers that have good driving records. If you are a bad driver, you may be denied coverage.

Working With non standard car insurance Carriers - What You Must Know

It’s important to know how car insurance providers classify drivers. To that effect, standard drivers are the ones that have clean driving slates. But those individuals that have poor driving histories are considered “high risk” or non-standard drivers. These may include those with suspended driver’s license because of DUI/DWI convictions or having too many traffic tickets on their driving record. Besides, teens, new or young drivers and senior citizens may also be categorized as non-standard drivers. Non-standard companies have perfect understanding of the overall risks involved in providing coverage to such types of drivers with limited or undesirable driving experience.

Where do I get a non standard auto insurance policy?

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Finding reliable and reputed non standard car insurance companies may not be an easy task if you go about the process on your own. However, if you seek specialist services that are easily accessible online, the sailing could be much smoother.

RapidCarInsuranceQuote, being one of the premier auto insurance services providers in the United States, can enable you to get connected to top rated non-standard vehicle insurance companies within a span of few minutes online. In addition, our experts work round the clock to ensure that clients secure the best deals in market.

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Take advantage of our cost-free specialist assistance online for making an informed decision on your auto insurance purchase with bad driving history. Act now, to save precious time, energy as well as money during your effort to secure a solution that meets specific driving needs and budget.

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Explore Your Reasons For Buying A Non Standard Auto Insurance Coverage

There are varied reasons for which drivers in the U.S. may have to buy non standard car insurance covers. Here are few factors that can be a cause of significant hike in your auto insurance rates and brand you as a high risk or non-standard driver by standard insurance companies.

Apart from the below mentioned reasons, there could be another major reason for you to consider purchasing a non-standard vehicle insurance policy. If you are not owner of any car but still drive cars by borrowing from friends or relatives then you can think of buying car coverage from non-standard company to get the borrowed vehicle temporarily but adequately insured.


Collecting Too Many Traffic Tickets

If you have multiple traffic tickets on your driving record due to traffic violations or accidents, you will be tagged as a high risk driver. Also, some drivers with little experience or high-value vehicles may find the best rates from an insurance company.


Finding Filing Of SR-22 Certification

If you have been convicted for a DUI or DWI offense leading to suspension of your driver’s license and filed for SR-22 certification previously, you might have to work with a non-standard auto insurance provider.


Vehicle Is Having A Salvage Title

Some traditional insurers may provide coverage for rebuilt cars but they are less likely to extend comprehensive and collision coverage features. So, you may have to look to some non-standard auto insurance companies.

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