Parked Car Insurance : What Exactly It Is?

If you intend to store your car in your in-house garage and are not planning to drive it for a specified period of time then you don’t need regular insurance. But to prevent your existing coverage from lapsing, you can purchase auto insurance for parked car and get vehicle comprehensively insured.

The term “parked car” refers to a situation where in your vehicle is not in use. Nevertheless, it is still important to secure total financial protection from unforeseen events like theft, fire, vandalism, storm, etc. There is a possibility of your car getting damaged in one of these situations.

In Which Situation Insurance For Parked Car May Be A Great Help?

If your parked car gets hit by another driver’s vehicle then the at-fault driver’s liability coverage will pay for the costs for damages caused to your car. But when the coverage is insufficient then your car insurance for parked car cover will kick in. So, after the accident, you will have to inform your insurer about the accident.

However, buying a comprehensive insurance on parked car could be useful if the at-fault driver is uninsured. All repair or part replacement expenses could be reimbursed by parked car insurance policy. You can take advantage of our specialist services for finding right amount of coverage.

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Does Your Car Need Insurance To Be Parked On The Road?

- While researching car insurance policy quotes, drivers normally look for coverage that can protect their finances from different kinds of possible on-road situations such as accidents or collisions. But seldom do drivers think about what will happen if their cars get hit or damaged while it is parked.

- Depending on the impact of damages to cars, the expenses are likely to vary and at times, the costs can be colossal. Your regular insurance coverage may or may not cover damages caused to your parked vehicle.

car insurance for parked vehicles

auto insurance for parked car

- There are always chances that anything can happen when your car is in parking. It is desirable to take some steps for protecting your finances in such circumstances. Car insurance for parked vehicles can fill the gap.

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How To File Insurance Car Damaged While Parked?

  • When your parked vehicle gets hit by another car or object, you must first notify your insurer. But prior to that, make sure that you have pictures of your damaged car for estimating costs that are likely to be incurred on restoring its glory. And review your existing car coverage.
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