Liability Car Insurance Coverage - What Buyer Should Know

A liability auto insurance policy is a coverage that grants financial protection to drivers if the insured cars, which they drive, meets with an accident and causes bodily injuries to other persons or damage to other person’s property. But the driver is excluded from the contents of such type of a car cover. Besides, even the best liability coverage auto insurance policies don’t allow drivers to choose deductibles for lowering premiums as the coverage is mandatory according to state laws.

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Every state prescribes specified limits for minimum general liability auto insurance coverage that all resident drivers are required to buy. Hence, premiums are likely to vary from state to state and if a driver wishes to purchase additional coverage features, premium can rise further. But the increase in premium will be sustainable as compared to the protection it can give to the driver financially in the event of an accident. However, to decide how much amount of liability car insurance coverage you should buy, it will be better if you consult a competent local agent. Fix a free appointment today!

  • Bodily Injury (BI) Liability Insurance Car Coverage

    Auto insurance bodily injury liability coverage or BI coverage pays expenses for medical treatments to persons, who suffer from bodily injuries, post accident involving insured car.

  • Property Damage (PD) Liability Insurance Car Coverage

    Car insurance property damage liability or PD coverage pays expenses for damages caused to other person’s property or car by the insured car during accident.

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What Is Covered Under Minimum Liability Bodily Injury Limits?

Bodily injuries liability insurance coverage pays costs for injury related claims to other persons who are victims of accident involving the insured car. Expenses incurred on hospitalization or medical treatments, loss of wages, etc. are reimbursed under this coverage feature.

What Is Covered Under Minimum Liability Property Damages Limits?

Property damages liability insurance coverage pays for expenses related to damages caused to other person’s property or car during the course of accident involving the insured car. Even damages to building structure and telephone poles are reimbursed under contents of the policy. Nevertheless, reimbursement limits will be fixed by insurers.

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Liability Car Insurance Quote Online and Grab The Perfect Deal

To get a customized liability auto insurance quote, you only need to answer few questions pertaining to basic personal details, information about the car to be insured and the number of drivers who will drive the car to be insured.

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Find Liability Insurance For Cars And Ensure Adequacy Of Coverage

Some states may require drivers to purchase extra coverage over and above what is prescribed. The following information may give you knowledge of the same.


Personal Injury Protection (PIP) Insurance

In no-fault states, drivers may be required to buy Personal Injury Protection or PIP feature. The coverage feature reimburses expenses incurred on minor injuries caused to driver or fellow passengers who were in the insured car during accident. Even lost wages will be reimbursed before liability coverage pays for damages


Medical Payments Insurance Coverage

This coverage feature is very much similar to PIP and pays expenses for medical treatment of drivers and fellow passengers resulting from accident involving the insured car regardless of who is at fault. But the coverage will not pay loss of wages unlike PIP and even the limits are low.


Uninsured And Underinsured Coverage

If another driver, whose car is inadequately insured, meets with an accident with the insured car then this coverage feature will pay expenses for treatment of bodily injuries to driver and fellow passengers in the insured car. This is because the liability insurance cover of the vehicle causing accident is insufficient.


3rd Party Liability Car Insurance Coverage Limits – Things You Need To Know

Under basic liability car insurance, insurer will pay expenses based on the coverage limits which you choose. Every state prescribes minimum coverage limits and you will have the option to purchase additional coverage. The below mentioned aspects explains the stuff.

  • Property Damages Payout Limits: Maximum payouts for property damages resulting from an accident involving the insured car cannot exceed the auto insurance liability coverage limits that you have chosen.
  • Bodily Injury Liability Per Person Payout Limits: It refers to the maximum payout which insurer will do to every person who gets injured due to accident involving insured car caused by you.
  • Bodily Injury Liability Per Accident Payout Limits: There is a cap on the overall expenses that insurer will pay for medical treatments to other persons who get injured in an accident involving insured car caused by you.

What Is Not Covered Under A Third Party Liability In Car Insurance Policy

A cheap liability car insurance policy does not pay expenses for damages caused to your car during an accident. Buying a collision coverage feature could be worthwhile in such a case. Besides, liability coverage may also not pay costs for medical treatments of bodily injuries caused to you in the aftermath of accident. To get reimbursed for these expenses, you may have to buy medical payments coverage as extra feature.

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